Design of a Flight Monitoring System for a Sounding Rocket

Project Date: Fall 2019
Collaborators: Daniel Chirita, Febin Thapa Magar

Description of Project:
As part of the Student Programs for Aerospace Collaboration in the Emirates (SPACE) initiative, a team of students at New York University Abu Dhabi is developing a sounding rocket for entry in the SpacePort America Rocketry Competition held in Las Cruces, New Mexico U.S.A. in June 2020. This rocket will carry a 8.8-lb payload to an altitude of 10,000 ft for scientific research purposes.

The project described here in an intermediate step in the rocket workflow: to design a monitoring system that evaluates whether the components of the rocket’s core system are working nominally. In addition to the rocket frame and propulsion system, the components of the core system are defined as follows: GPS, altimeter, electrical power system, electric matches, and parachutes. The objective is to obtain a comprehensive report of flight health that verifies the reliability of sensor data and reports equipment failure of on-board components.

Key Technologies: OpenRocket, RasAero 2.0, SysML, OpenModelica

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