CubeSat Measurement of Atmospheric Density and Dust Profiles on Mars

Project Date: February 2018
Collaborators: Nathalie Launder, Prince Steven Annor
Media: NYUAD Students Win UAE Space Hackathon

Description of Project:
This project proposed a hypothetical CubeSat mission to study atmospheric density and dust profiles in the Martian lower atmosphere. Our team wrote and ran an Arduino code to collect data from on-board sensors. Colored lamps, heaters, and shaking were used to generate artificial data for accelerometers, luminosity sensors, and temperature sensors. This project was named a winner out of 20+ teams that participated in the UAE Space Hackathon.

Technologies Used: Arduino-based CubeSat, on-board sensors, Arduino coding

Arduino Code: Click Here

Initial Mission Proposal:

Project Presentation: Delivered to hackathon judging panel consisting of scientists and engineers from Dubai’s Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre

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