Welcome to my portfolio website, and thanks for taking a look around. I’m Alison Waterman, a current Electrical Engineering undergraduate student at New York University Abu Dhabi. I spent my childhood living in Chandler, Arizona, and later relocated to Folsom, California for high school. After high school, a desire for fast-paced innovation and global perspectives led me to move to the United Arab Emirates for my undergraduate degree. While the majority of my undergraduate education has been completed in Abu Dhabi, I also spent one semester in Shanghai and one semester in New York City, as well as short-term academic work in Ghana, India, and the Philippines.

I believe the future will need people who can work to translate between different interests and forge relationships across cultures and disciplines, and this has been the guiding theme of my involvement in the NYU Abu Dhabi community. I am interested in policy topics related to nanosatellites, autonomous systems, and the future of human space exploration. My undergraduate thesis project focuses on using deep learning for control of robotic vehicles and drones. I believe that space projects can be a powerful platform to promote STEM education and international collaboration and to create global solutions for communications infrastructure and environmental challenges.

I am also interested in STEM education and gender equality in education access. As the president and founder of the Aerospace Club and president of the Women Empowered in STEM organization at NYU Abu Dhabi, I have experience planning and leading educational workshops and events. I believe that knowledge-sharing, interdisciplinary collaboration, and open communication are important when solving problems as a team. By working together, engineers and researchers can achieve positive social change and push the boundaries of human technological capability.


Conducting field research in rural Philippines during a Community-Driven Development course

I believe that education and technology are powerful tools to create a more equitable world. Read more about my involvement in international social impact initiatives, including College Admissions Mentors for Africa.


My hobbies and side projects include:


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